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You might already have some standards for how things are named in your databases schemas, to ensure consistency. Schema objects are a pain to rename once they're in, so it's good to be able to enforce this standard at the source (assuming you can express your standard as a regex).

This rule will fail if the given regex does not match against the name for any:

  • Table
  • Column
  • View
  • Primary key
  • Foreign key constraint
  • Unique constraint
  • Index


  • pattern - (regex, as string) regular expression that the name of any new schema object should adhere to

Example Usage

"rules": {
"object-name": {
"pattern": "^(?!_)[A-Z_0-9]+(?<!_)$",
"errorMessage": "Object name '%s' name must be uppercase and use '_' separation"

(The above example ensures objects are named like NAME_OF_THING.)